CoNTeC, COVID-19 National Teleconsultation Centre +91 9115444155

Apr 13, 2020Featured, Professionals, Public

AIIMS-Delhi is running the “COVID-19 National Teleconsultation Centre” (CoNTeC) on behalf of the MoHFW, GoI, which can be reached by calling +91-9115444155.
It is catering to doctors, from anywhere in the country, who want to consult our faculty for the management of COVID-19 patients, as well as to the public in general.

The calls from doctors are received by the Patient Care Managers on duty 24×7 at the CoNTeC in AIIMS Guest House, who then connect them to the Faculty members who are also on duty 24×7 to provide doctor-to-doctor consultations.

The public calls are transferred, in a round robin order, to the personal mobile numbers of a very dedicated group of volunteers consisting of about forty Senior & Junior Residents as well as UG students of AIIMS, Delhi, who are doing a commendable job of taking the calls and serving the public in these testing times. However, the personal numbers of the Volunteers are not revealed to the callers and vice versa.

Currently this service is bi-lingual in English & Hindi and we are exploring the feasibility of making it multi-lingual if possible.

Over the past three days we have been getting about 50 calls per day on an average, about half of which are successfully answered and the rest are either cancelled by the caller or dropped due to congestion etc., Majority of the calls are from the public, answered by our volunteers and about 8-10 calls are from doctors, who are connected to the Consultants on duty at the CONTEC-AIIMS.

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