Facility for Diabetes Management of Admitted, Discharged and EHS patients having COVID

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Consultations for patients admitted in any COVID care facility of AIIMS.

  1. To fill predesigned Endocrinology consultation form (Annexure 1) and send it along with glucose log (Annexure 2).
  2. In case consultation form is not available, can even call SR Endo who will than obtain the required information.
  3. Designated SR Mobile No (8 am to 9 pm):

Trauma Centre / Burns and Plastic: 89299 19704
NCI, Jhajjar: 89298 34954
Main AIIMS Hospital: 89299 19702

  1. From 9 pm to next day 8 am: SR Endo on night duty will be available (9868397608)
  2. SR Endo will WhatsApp the prescription after conversation.
  3. The Endo SR will seek advice, from a Faculty member in the Department of Endocrinology & Metabolism, wherever needed.


Operational plan for seeking consultation for patients discharged from COVID Care facilities and EHS Helpline

  • The patients discharged from COVID Care facilities can seek appointment for Endocrinology consultation by booking appointment @ 8929723056 or through email: dmcovidaiims@gmail.com.
  • The team will contact and provide consultation to the patient preferably on same day if call is received before 12 noon otherwise the next day.
  • Once the patient has completed 28 days from date of positive test and the glucose levels are under control, the patient will be directed to seek appointment for routine OPD.