Study – Using Artificial Intelligence to decode COVID 19 – Whom to Test, Whom to Treat, How to Treat

May 1, 2020Professionals, Public, Uncategorized

This is an appeal to everyone who has been tested for COVID. We request all of you, whether positive or negative to fill this questionnaire. When you fill it with true information, it helps us understand the nature of covid, and can potentially help us devise ways to protect everyone. Insights from your answers can help us understand what protects people against Covid, what prevents it from becoming severe, what you should avoid doing to prevent it etc.

Be rest assured, your identity will not be revealed. Before the information is sent to us it is de-identified from you. It takes only about 15-20 min. Your help can boost our efforts in saving the world from this disastrous illness.

Form Link:

Thank you very much for your efforts. Together we will win.

AIIMS IEC Study Approval Number: IEC-252/17042020, RP-40/2020

For further details, you may contact the Principal Investigator at: