Summary tables: Role of CT Chest in diagnosis of COVID-19 pneumonia

May 22, 2020COVID Literature Appraisal, Indications and tests for diagnosis

Based on the limitations of the low quality studies conducted so far, with biased cohorts, confounding variables with lack of body of evidence, in terms of overestimated sensitivity in a predefined clinical setting of variably ill hospitalized patients with no data from mildly ill / asymptomatic patients, with inherent lack of specificity of CT findings, use of CT chest as a diagnostic screening tool for COVID-19 vis a vis RT-PCR cannot be advocated, as is the consensus of many national / international organizations like Society of thoracic radiology5, American college of radiology6, Chest subspecialty group of Indian college of radiology and imaging7.


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Indications and tests for diagnosis-CT Chest Summary tables