Surgical outcomes in undiagnosed, COVID-19 infected patients

May 29, 2020COVID Literature Appraisal, Management: Surgical

This study, authored by surgeons from Israel, is a review of 4 articles where elective or semi-elective surgery was performed for COVID-19 cases without testing for SARS-CoV-2. More than 50% severe disease and 27.4% mortality in such patients is of concern. All studies, however, highlighted the presence of comorbid conditions (hypertension, emphysema) and advanced age as factors more likely to lead to adverse outcomes.

Article: Nahshon C, Bitterman A, Haddad R, Hazzan D, Laviel O. Hazardous Postoperative Outcomes of Unexpected COVID-19 Infected Patients: A Call for Global Consideration of Sampling all Asymptomatic Patients Before Surgical Treatment. World J Surg,

Management-Surgical-Outcomes in COVID-19 patients